A year once the Xbox 360 unleash, a PlayStation three port of grand larceny Auto: San Andreas has appeared on the PlayStation Store.There was no announcement. It wasn't there, so suddenly it had been. it is a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Replacing the 'classic' version that was out there via the shop, it's like this port takes its cue from the Xbox 360 mobile port, jactitation a similar trophies because the Xbox 360 version.
When asked why it did not annualise its biggest titles, corporate executive of Rockstar's parent company Take-Two recently said: we expect with the non-sports titles, we tend to square measure higher served to make anticipation and demand. On the one hand to rest the title, and, on the opposite hand, to possess the best quality within the market, that takes time. you cannot do this annually.

BY ERIC physicist Sony has wordlessly free a PS3 port of Rockstar's classic title grand larceny Auto: San Andreas on its digital shopfront nowadays.Originally for the Playstation two in 2004, this new entry has replaced the PS2 Classics version that was free in 2012, although it's unclear if this can be a similar version that was free for the Xbox 360.

GTA: San Andreas tells the story of CJ, a young man UN agency at large the town solely to urge force back in once a death within the family. Besides a port to the Xbox three60 and Playstation 3, San Andreas was conjointly remastered for mobile devices in 2013.The Xbox 360 version complete up being a port of the mobile version instead of a full remaster, therefore it's totally possible that Playstation three players would possibly handle a similar problems that Xbox 360 San Andreas players did.

The Playstation three version conjointly brings trophies to San Andreas, that square measure mostly a similar because the 360's achievements aside from the Pt trophy, that replaces the Trickster action for finishing ten pimping missions.If you need to check what IGN considered the 360 update to San Andreas, you'll be able to browse our review here.Are you excited to require another ride through San Andreas? allow us to understand within the comments!Grand larceny Auto: San Andreas was initial free for the PlayStation two approach back in 2004. it had been a large success for Rockstar, selling 17.33 million copies on the platform and within the method setting a record. It’s conjointly the sport that gave US the new low mod tilt. additional recently, it’s seen multiple new versions, and Rockstar has stunned everybody nowadays by quietly re-releasing the sport for digital transfer on PS3 via PSN.  
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Releases of this game (and specifically updated version releases) have gotten alittle advanced. The Xbox 360 got the Xbox version of the sport in 2008, that contend through Associate in Nursing person. However, in late 2013 Rockstar free San Andreas for iOS, that had variety of updates as well as increased graphics, additional elaborated and dynamic shadows, a larger draw distance, and improved character and automobile models. This mobile port then got ported to the Xbox 360, replacement the emulated Xbox version and jactitation 720p visuals.One issue to notice regarding the mobile port and succeeding releases supported it's that every one the initial music isn't enclosed. the same old licensing problems have reared their ugly head which means bound songs will not be used. A scenario I notice to be alittle ridiculous considering it’s a similar game we tend to were enjoying back in 2004. ten songs square measure thought to be missing, though the Steam version lost seventeen tracks last year.